Heavy Equipment Welder in Colorado Springs, CO


Good equipment and machinery are essential for projects of all kinds. But if your equipment doesn’t work right or at all, you can lose time and money trying to fix it. Cranks Mobil Tractor & Diesel Repair offers you a fast and effective solution. As a heavy equipment welder, we can repair your machinery and equipment and ensure you waste as little time as possible.


For construction equipment or welding fabrication repair, turn to our team in Colorado Springs, CO.


What We Do


Whatever issue you have with your heavy equipment, we can fix it quickly. We have decades of experience, which means we have seen our share of problems and can accurately diagnose and repair the problem with your machine. Common issues we repair include:


  • Poor electrical connections: Connectors and wires are subject to all kinds of wear and tear and can easily become damaged or dirty, causing them to malfunction. We can inspect the electrical components of your equipment and clean off dirt or repair and replace parts.
  • Exhausted equipment: Heavy machinery can handle a lot of stress and use. However, it has its limits, and if you continually overuse your machines, they will eventually give out. We can identify overworked equipment and help you understand its usage limits.
  • Damaged parts: Every part of your equipment has a different lifespan, but when one part wears out, it affects the function of the entire system. We can quickly repair or replace damaged parts to keep your equipment up and running.


Our team knows your machinery and equipment inside and out, so you don’t have to worry about wasted time or effort trying to fix a part. Just call us and let us take care of the issue in no time.


Call us today at (719) 985-7893 for quality heavy equipment repairs.